Life is a Performance Game

Solomon Says: “All of life is a performance game, discipline always the first step. Sales is simply a metaphor for life performance.” When I ask you to name various areas of your life that are important to you, odds are your first few thoughts will include financial security, relationships, health and fitness, and a fewread more →

Brandon’s Butterfly Effect

She had called saddened by the state of her love life and she had called me because of the experience I have in relationships gone bad. At the end she thanked me for going through all the pain I had so that I could effectively understand her feelings.  Hmm, while I was happy to supportread more →

Selling the Marines

One O’Clock Saturday. This is it, the time is now. I have been dreading this moment for a long time but there is no way to hide from it today. I am following my son and his Mother up to the door and it is locked. Shocked I think someone has erred in their more →

Sales Folks Are Heroes

Do sales people create democracy or fight civil wars? Well, sort of. The battle within the heart of a sales person can rage pretty heavily with many never even knowing it is happening. It is far more than the fear of rejection we commonly think. It includes every fear we have ever learned in ourread more →

RISK: It’s not just a board game anymore.

For years, I have been trying to put my finger on the key to the question of complexity when hiring the right salesperson. I have studied it, written about it, and lost hair over it (well okay, I have lost hair over pretty much everything, really), but I have never been able to reduce theread more →

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