Meet Michael

Meet Michael D Goodman

Now in his mid-fifties, Michael Goodman is a seasoned and innovative sales leader.  He has spent years refining the craft of selling by developing quick, persuasive, and dignified language that greatly improves the odds of closing any sale.  Always among the top sales leaders of any company, Michael recognized the imperative to generate as much revenue as possible in the shortest amount of time—with the least amount of effort.  He has consistently improved profits for himself and for his organization.

Michael also discovered that the model that works for sales works for life.  This is a means of communicating with others, improving the structure of your conversation to help friends and loved ones come to decisions of meaning and value.  Not mere salesmanship, this is effective communication bolstered by understanding and motivation rather than slick manipulation or generic persuasion tactics.  What works for building revenue also works for leading families, companies, and teams.

Overcoming several obstacles on his way to success, Michael discovered many things that work—and a whole lot more that do not.  Through Revenue Kinetics, Michael imparts his smartest and most effective selling models.  In the course of over ten years in private practice, Michael has helped thousands of sales professionals achieve success as well.

Michael has rejuvenated a number of sales organizations, improving revenue by 80% or more in less than twenty-four months.  Through effective recruiting, training, and management, Michael launched an elite new division at one company that was able to achieve rapid sales successes at a level of efficiency that was revolutionary for that organization.  With expertise and dedication, Michael has worked with management teams and sales professionals and proved a capacity to create repeatable, scalable success for small to medium-sized businesses across the country.

Now, with the aid of the John Maxwell Partnership, Revenue Kinetics, LLC is powerfully configured to support leadership and sales in almost any organization, and to do so with dignity, integrity, and efficiency.


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