Sales Platform

The Sales Platform

“The Solomon Sales Platform does one exceedingly well:
It generates revenue with efficiency.”

In the first evolution of sales training the team learned scripts to manipulate and convince prospects to buy in a “Qualify, Present, Close, Close, Close” effort.  It was a tactical selling process that generated buyer resistance and when used today, shuts your sales people out of the prospects door.

In the second evolution of sales training we learned a variation of consultative selling filled with questions to understand the buyer in a “Qualify, Qualify, ROI” format.  It wasn’t really customized to anyone’s selling environment and required more critical thinking skills than most teams had available.

What sales team desperately needed and asked for was a way to;

  • Conform the sales effort to your people in your environment representing your company over competitors, even in a commodity environment.
  • Be easy to learn and simple to implement
  • Be dignified and sell with integrity
  • Improve sales results FAST

Behold the Solomon Sales Platform
Proven capacity to create mid-level pipelines within 90 days from scratch in complex selling environments, built on the way prospects really want to be communicated with, the Solomon Platform is customized to your organization.  Based on the structure of all sales of any system, it can be joined to any system currently in place to improve sales.

Currently successful in both Business to Business and Business to Consumer sales companies, the Solomon Platform has proven itself as a flexible, simple, dignified, integral and effective selling model.

The Solomon Platform fulfills or supports the following 10 segments of successful selling programs.

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